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  • Accent Theme

    The Accent Theme brings the beautiful gradients and smooth curves of modern user interfaces to ExtJS.

  • All Views Theming Template

    An ExtJS template for Architect to help with theming

  • Autumn Rain theme (Touch 2.3 / Architect 3)

    A grey theme for Sencha Touch 2.3 with a few colorful highlights. Created with Sencha Architect 3.

  • Azzurra Theme

    Azzurra is a visually appealing theme for Ext JS applications inspired by Windows 8 desktop look and feel.

  • Basic Theme

    Basic theme is designed to enhance standard gray Ext JS theme. It features gray body with subtle shadows and gradients appropriate for any business application. Colored ui-styles can be applied to highlight main application elements and corporate colors. Basic theme looks the best in medium size and doesn't hurt your eyes after hours of work.

  • Blue Bay Theme from EdgeUX

    The Blue Bay Theme truly modernizes your existing ExtJS applications in minutes with smooth curves and gradients and a splash of colour.

  • Bootstrap Theme

    Twitter Bootstrap theme for ExtJS 4

  • Carbon Theme

    Carbon is a dark-colored Ext JS 4 theme. Featuring hand-crafted graphic elements and carefully defined mild-contrast color scheme it redesigns your application UI in a completely new, professional fashion that pleases the eye.

  • Clifton Theme

    Clifton theme with 5 colour schemes makes ExtJS 4 applications look amazing in minutes!

  • EdgeUX Nimbus Theme for ExtJS 4

    Complete Re-Styling of ExtJS 4 incorporating fresh new icons and clean modern looks.

  • Mercury theme (ExtJS 4.2 / Architect 3)

    Mercury theme - a slick gray theme created with Architect 3 for ExtJS 4.2+

  • Sencha Touch 2.1 - Holiday 2012 Theme

    To all our developers, partners, customers and friends, from all of us at Sencha we want to wish you Happy Holidays. In the spirit of writing some code for the holidays (and for a little bit of fun), we've created a special Holiday Theme for Sencha Touch!

  • Spidey Sencha Touch theme

    The Amazing Spiderman - Sencha Touch Theme.