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  • Animated CSS3 button menu

    This component gives you an alternate way to build a cool menu in you Sencha Touch app. The menu is rendered and animated in path menu like style with CSS3 transition animations.

  • Audio Player v0.1

    A very simple UI for Audio player, which internally uses audio xtype

  • Auto Hide Messagebox

    This is utility for messagebox. This MessageBox hide automatically

  • Bancha Scaffold - Easy Prototyping for Ext JS

    Easily scaffold Grid and Form-Panels from your existing model definitions with ExtJS 4 and 5. This will helping you create beautiful prototypes in minutes. And it's completely free and open source!

  • BlackBerry Controls

    Architect User Extension to support unique BlackBerry Controls

  • Calendar Pro

    Built on standard HTML and JavaScript, Calendar Pro gives you a drop-in, easy to customize calendar solution that looks great.

  • Caps Lock Detector

    Ext JS Form Field plugin to detect if the keyboard [caps lock] key is "ON".

  • Collapsible Slide Navigation Menu

    This is an attempt to make a Facebook-like navigation panel for Sencha Touch 2. A collapsible slide navigation would be useful for applications that have long list of menu items on their navigation panel.

  • CountryStateSelect

    Country / State Select Extension

  • DAG Drawer

    ExtJS Component for drawing trees (actually Directed Acyclic Graphs).

  • DatePickerPlus

    MultiMonth Datepicker with Multiselection, custom CSS Days and much more.

  • DateSlider

    DateSlider is a simple extension that allows standard sliders to use dates as values. More than one handle can be set, and each can be tied to date input fields.

  • Datetimepicker

    Component to select datetime value.

  • Deft JS

    Deft JS enhances Ext JS and Sencha Touch’s APIs with a set of essential extensions for enterprise web and mobile application development, including: an IoC Container for Dependency Injection, MVC with View Controllers, and Promises / Deferreds.

  • DragDrop

    Drag / Drop Extension

  • Execute JavaScript on Panel Load/Autoload

    Override to the Ext.Panel.load() function to allow executing JavaScript after the HTML loads into the Panel. Supports autoLoad.

  • Ext Gantt

    Ext Gantt is a very interactive Gantt chart and it can help you manage your projects and tasks. It supports drag and drop, critical chain, inter-task relationships and much more.

  • Ext.isIE10 for ExtJS 3.x

    Simple override to the Ext class for detecting IE10. Also fixes Ext.isIE6 to account for IE10. For ExtJS 3.x

  • ExtJS Activity Monitor

    ActivityMonitor() watches the browser's BODY element for mouse movement and keystrokes - a realistic way to judge if the user is actively viewing your web application.

  • Extjs Copy Paste Excel grid

    Extjs Copy paste Excel Grid let you select data from Extjs grid and copy it to clipboard so that you can paste it in Excel spreadsheet. Even it can take data from clipboard. You can select data from Excel sheet and paste it to grid,

  • Ext.LoadMask Update Method

    Small override to include a method that will update the loading message on a a standard Ext.LoadMask load mask.

  • Ext.plugin.DropdownMenu

    Adding a dropdown menu to your app is a snap! Designed for flexibility so you can make it look and behave how you want.

  • Ext.plugin.RememberSelection

    Now your app can remember what a user selected and avoid the need to reselect the same list item every time. Multiple selections are also supported.

  • Ext Scheduler

    Super-interactive resource scheduling component

  • Ext.ux.AccordionList

    Collapsible List with You can expand and collapse the contents by header item tap. Also it can nest infinitely.

  • Ext.ux.AlphabetPicker

    A configurable picker component composed by a tag field and a data view with alphabet subsets.

  • Ext.ux.BrowserCheck

    A plugin used for checking Browser compatibility with ExtJS 4.0 / 4.1, and displaying a nice notification if the user fails to meet required Browser and/or Version.

  • Ext.ux.Cache

    General purpose caching facility for Ext JS applications.

  • Ext.ux.callout.Callout

    A CSS styleable floating callout container with optional arrow for use with Ext JS 4.0+. It is useful for creating hint overlays and interactive callout windows / popovers.

  • Ext.ux.chart.axis.Snappy

    Numeric chart Axis that snaps its ends at nearest possible values so that the axis is displayed neat and cool.