Sencha Touch OData Connector for SAP by Sencha – Version 1.1.1


The Sencha Touch OData Connector for SAP lets you seamlessly integrate any Sencha Touch 2 applications with any SAP mobile platform.

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  • Sencha Touch 2.0
  • Sencha Touch 1.1
  • Sencha Touch 2.2


  • Chrome (desktop)
  • Android (mobile)
  • iOS (mobile)
  • Safari (desktop)


  • Sencha Touch OData Connector for SAP

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Sencha Touch OData Connector for SAP is a Sencha Touch data proxy that allows Sencha Touch applications to integrate with SAP mobile platforms such as Netweaver Gateway, Sybase Unwired Platform, and others using the OData web protocol.

The following files are included in this package:
- Sencha Touch OData Connector for SAP readme.pdf: an overview on how to use the OData connector as well as an introduction to the demo application.
- A Sencha Touch of a flight booking application that connects to an OData data source from the SAP Netweaver Gateway demo system.
- OData.js: the Sencha Touch OData proxy.

You will need the Sencha Touch 2 SDK to work with this Connector. Please go to the Sencha Touch product page to download the SDK.

Please note that this component is community supported and is not supported by Sencha.

You can also see a video tutorial of this component here.

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