Ext.ux.TouchCalendar by SwarmOnline – Version 1


Ext.ux.TouchCalendar is an extension, and set of related plugins, for the Sencha Touch 1 & 2 frameworks that allows easy integration of a calendar component into applications. The extension allows a calendar to be displayed in Day, Week or Month view and can be bound to a data store to enable event bars or dots to be rendered on the dates.

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  • Sencha Touch 1.0
  • Sencha Touch 2.0


  • Chrome (desktop)
  • Safari (desktop)
  • Android (mobile)
  • iOS (mobile)


  • Ext.ux.TouchCalendar Month View with events

    The TouchCalendar extension using the Events plugin to display event bars.

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  • Ext.ux.TouchCalendar Day View

    The TouchCalendar in Day view.

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  • Ext.ux.TouchCalendar Month View with simple events

    TouchCalendar using the SimpleEvents plugin to render dots on the days with events.

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For several demo links and examples, basic usage code and other useful information: https://github.com/SwarmOnline/Ext.ux.TouchCalendar

For full documentation for the Sencha Touch 2 version visit: http://www.swarmonline.com/Ext.ux.TouchCalendar%20ST2/docs/

For full documentation of the Sencha Touch 1 version visit: http://www.swarmonline.com/Ext.ux.TouchCalendar/docs/

Version History


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