Ext.plugin.DropdownMenu by Bunchofstring – Version 1.0 Beta


Adding a dropdown menu to your app is a snap! Designed for flexibility so you can make it look and behave how you want.

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  • Sencha Touch 2.0


  • iOS (mobile)
  • Chrome (desktop)
  • Android (mobile)


  • Country Menu

    Example is configured to filter the list based on the selected country

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Uses common components to present a menu button and corresponding dropdown. The menu button and dropdown can be styled and customized to fit the desired behavior.

You can have the same menu on all screens, or a specific one for each context.

The screenshot is implemented in the package's first example (index.html). The second example (index2.html) demonstrates how this can be used in conjunction with the RememberSelection plugin.

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    Now your app can remember what a user selected and avoid the need to reselect the same list item every time. Multiple selections are also supported.

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    Animated CSS3 button menu

    This component gives you an alternate way to build a cool menu in you Sencha Touch app. The menu is rendered and animated in path menu like style with CSS3 transition animations.


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