Ext.isIE10 for ExtJS 3.x by Aaron Snyder – Version 1.00.0001


Simple override to the Ext class for detecting IE10. Also fixes Ext.isIE6 to account for IE10. For ExtJS 3.x

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  • Ext JS 3.1
  • Ext JS 3.0
  • Ext JS 3.3
  • Ext JS 3.2
  • Ext JS 3.4


  • IE10+ (desktop)
  • IE6+ (desktop)
  • IE7+ (desktop)
  • IE8+ (desktop)
  • IE9+ (desktop)


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Simple override to the Ext class for detecting IE10. Also fixes Ext.isIE6 to account for IE10. For ExtJS 3.x

Version History


Other extensions by Aaron Snyder

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    Extends the Ext.ux.tree.TreeGrid class to add Ext.grid.EditorGridPanel functionality. This extension also overrides Ext.tree.TreeNode to add record like functions (get and set) to make it easier to work with tree nodes in a grid type setting.

  • Screenshot


    ExtJS wrapper for the jQuery TN3 Gallery.

  • Screenshot

    Ext.LoadMask Update Method

    Small override to include a method that will update the loading message on a a standard Ext.LoadMask load mask.

  • Screenshot

    Inactive Tab Panel

    A plugin that will allow you to show HTML or an Ext.Panel when no Tab is active on an Ext.TapPanel.

  • Screenshot

    Execute JavaScript on Panel Load/Autoload

    Override to the Ext.Panel.load() function to allow executing JavaScript after the HTML loads into the Panel. Supports autoLoad.

  • Screenshot


    A small panel/window plugin that will allow you to add a toolbar to the title bar.

  • Screenshot


    Jozef Sakalos, aka Saki's grid search plugin updated to work with ExtJS 4.x

Other extensions in components

  • Screenshot


    A navigational component that utilizes a list which is hidden when not in use. Inspired by Facebook's sliding menu system.

  • Screenshot


    Component to select datetime value.

  • Screenshot

    Pinch Zoom Image

    Able to use a pinch-zoom and touch panning a image in the sencha touch 2.

  • Screenshot


    Plugin that enable filters on the grid headers

  • Screenshot

    Animated CSS3 button menu

    This component gives you an alternate way to build a cool menu in you Sencha Touch app. The menu is rendered and animated in path menu like style with CSS3 transition animations.


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