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  • Accent Theme

    The Accent Theme brings the beautiful gradients and smooth curves of modern user interfaces to ExtJS.

  • All Views Theming Template

    An ExtJS template for Architect to help with theming

  • Animated CSS3 button menu

    This component gives you an alternate way to build a cool menu in you Sencha Touch app. The menu is rendered and animated in path menu like style with CSS3 transition animations.

  • Apache2 adapter for RPC::ExtDirect

    Develop Ext.Direct compatible code with Apache/mod_perl.

  • apiOmat

    apiOmat is a Mobile Backend as a Service (MBaaS) Provider with german cloud storage and automatic generated SDKs for JavaScript, iOS and Android.

  • Audio Player v0.1

    A very simple UI for Audio player, which internally uses audio xtype

  • Auto-Caching Store

    Automatically caches data from a a remote source into localstorage. Enables you to set a date-based timeout or expire by passing a string-based token.

  • Auto Hide Messagebox

    This is utility for messagebox. This MessageBox hide automatically

  • Autumn Rain theme (Touch 2.3 / Architect 3)

    A grey theme for Sencha Touch 2.3 with a few colorful highlights. Created with Sencha Architect 3.

  • Azzurra Theme

    Azzurra is a visually appealing theme for Ext JS applications inspired by Windows 8 desktop look and feel.

  • Bancha Developer API-Viewer

    This Add-On for Bancha helps Developer-Teams in the process of creating Bancha Applications. JavaScript Frontend Developers no longer have to dig through any PHP code to find the available remote methods.

  • Bancha Scaffold - Easy Prototyping for Ext JS

    Easily scaffold Grid and Form-Panels from your existing model definitions with ExtJS 4 and 5. This will helping you create beautiful prototypes in minutes. And it's completely free and open source!

  • Bancha - Seamlessly integrate with CakePHP

    Bancha is the enterprise-ready integration of CakePHP with Sencha Touch and ExtJS. We developed Bancha in over 1.500h to save you up to 50% in development time! A free version is available at

  • Basic Theme

    Basic theme is designed to enhance standard gray Ext JS theme. It features gray body with subtle shadows and gradients appropriate for any business application. Colored ui-styles can be applied to highlight main application elements and corporate colors. Basic theme looks the best in medium size and doesn't hurt your eyes after hours of work.

  • BlackBerry Controls

    Architect User Extension to support unique BlackBerry Controls

  • Blue Bay Theme from EdgeUX

    The Blue Bay Theme truly modernizes your existing ExtJS applications in minutes with smooth curves and gradients and a splash of colour.

  • Bootstrap Theme

    Twitter Bootstrap theme for ExtJS 4

  • Calendar Pro

    Built on standard HTML and JavaScript, Calendar Pro gives you a drop-in, easy to customize calendar solution that looks great.

  • Caps Lock Detector

    Ext JS Form Field plugin to detect if the keyboard [caps lock] key is "ON".

  • Carbon Theme

    Carbon is a dark-colored Ext JS 4 theme. Featuring hand-crafted graphic elements and carefully defined mild-contrast color scheme it redesigns your application UI in a completely new, professional fashion that pleases the eye.

  • CGI adapter for RPC::ExtDirect

    Bring the power and flexibility of Ext.Direct to legacy Perl CGI applications.

  • Clifton Theme

    Clifton theme with 5 colour schemes makes ExtJS 4 applications look amazing in minutes!

  • Cogitek RIATest

    RIATest is a cross-platform cross-browser GUI test automation tool for ExtJS applications. Unlike other html automation tools that struggle with dynamically rendered component elements, RIATest recognizes ExtJS widgets natively.

  • Collapsible Slide Navigation Menu

    This is an attempt to make a Facebook-like navigation panel for Sencha Touch 2. A collapsible slide navigation would be useful for applications that have long list of menu items on their navigation panel.

  • CountryStateSelect

    Country / State Select Extension

  • DAG Drawer

    ExtJS Component for drawing trees (actually Directed Acyclic Graphs).

  • DatePickerPlus

    MultiMonth Datepicker with Multiselection, custom CSS Days and much more.

  • DateSlider

    DateSlider is a simple extension that allows standard sliders to use dates as values. More than one handle can be set, and each can be tied to date input fields.

  • Datetimepicker

    Component to select datetime value.

  • Deft JS

    Deft JS enhances Ext JS and Sencha Touch’s APIs with a set of essential extensions for enterprise web and mobile application development, including: an IoC Container for Dependency Injection, MVC with View Controllers, and Promises / Deferreds.